The Drew Billings Foundation was established in 2009 to continue Drew Billing’s legacy of selfless devotion to the creative community by promoting the advancement of film, theater, music and visual arts.

Through charitable donations, every year on May 27th, Drew’s birthday, The Foundation will give away an Artist’s Grant to an artist or artists whose project, goals and professionalism are most in line with Drew’s loves and aspirations.

The Drew Billings Foundation, hereinafter known as The Foundation, exists to promote innovative artistic expression and the creative process by encouraging and supporting independent performing artists. In keeping with Drew Billings’ personal love of expressive artistic endeavors, The Foundation values the contribution these artists make to creative culture through not only their work but also their own valuable promotion of the importance of creative expression. The Foundation is focused primarily on supporting work that Drew Billings himself might find to be of the highest creative value.

Drew Billings spent the remaining 2.5 years of his life fundraising for various film and theater projects he was involved in, with that involvement often beginning with a project’s inception and ending only at its completion. In this regard the Foundation seeks to support artistic endeavors wherein the artist or artists have originally conceived the idea and intend to produce and promote the project completely on their own. Just like Drew Billings himself, The Foundation is committed to the persuit of innovative artistry and communal good will. It therefore seeks to advance the performing arts through revolutionized forms of traditional artistry, sound management and an eye on the value the project will bring the greater community. To accomplish these goals, The Foundation will award an annual grant to a person or persons whose creative endeavor and ideals best exemplify the Foundation’s mission. Said recipients’ projects can be either non-profit or otherwise in nature and in no way will The Foundation seek any financial or other forms of restitutions should the recipients’’ efforts provide to be financially successful.